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Below are some suggestions to help you prepare for your treatment:


  • Ensure that the hair to be treated is visible and long enough to be gripped onto with a tweezer.

  • Exfoliate the skin the night before treatment, especially if you are prone to ingrown hairs.  We recommend this product for effective exfoliation:

  • If possible, arrive make-up free.

  • Avoid caffeine prior to treatment.

  • Arrive with hydrated skin.

  • Consider avoiding electrolysis during or prior to your menstrual cycle if you are more sensitive at that time.

  • Think about taking a pain reliever an hour prior to treatment to make you more comfortable.

  • Apply a numbing agent such as Super Numb, LMX or Emla an hour before treatment with an occlusion such as plastic wrap to increase efficacy.

It is the client's responsibility to closely follow the following after-care instructions for 2 full days post treatment:

After-Care Instructions for the face:

  • Using a sterile cotton ball, cleanse face morning & night with witch-hazel containing 14% alcohol.

  • After cleansing with witch-hazel, apply the healing lotion in your after-care kit for the next two mornings post treatment.

  • Avoid using soap, cleanser, moisturizer or sunscreen on treated facial areas for 48 hours.

  • Avoid touching treated areas for 36 hours following treatment.

After-Care Instructions for the body:

  • It is very normal to experience scabbing and/or inflammation after treatment on the body. 

  • Never pick, peel, scratch or expose these areas to direct sunlight while these areas are healing.

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