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About Electrolysis

The FDA and the American Medical Association recognize electrolysis as the only method of permanent hair removal.  Its reliability dates back to its creation over 100 years ago. 


Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis eliminates unwanted hair permanently.  All skin and hair types can be safely treated with electrolysis. 


Electrolysis is by no means an overnight process and although it is not the fastest way to remove hair, all other methods are considered temporary.  If you are seeking permanent hair removal, electrolysis remains the only choice. The number of sessions needed to achieve permanent hair removal is determined on a case by case basis.  Many clients may need to be treated once a week initially while others may need to be treated every other week in the beginning. Visits become less frequent and just a "clean up" may be required on occasion.  Eventually the unwanted hair no longer regrows.


Hair can be removed from basically any part of the body except for inside the nose, inside the ears, and from a mole.  The most common areas for removal are the chin, upper lip, breasts, eyebrows, bikini line, abdomen and underarms. 


My clients are pleasantly surprised by how tolerable electrolysis treatments can be.  Epilators have improved over the years thereby decreasing discomfort and increasing the speed of treatments.  Dawn Goldberg Electrolysis is an Apilus Centre.  Apilus epilators use ultramodern technology which equips the electrologist with the ability to have accurate precision and decreased sensitivity for the client.  Ice, numbing cream and over the counter pain relievers all can be used to make the treatment even more bearable for people that are more sensitized.

Choosing an Electrologist

New York is not a licensed state for electrolysis therefore one should be extra diligent in their search for an electrologist.  


In 2006 I graduated from the Berkowits School of Electrolysis.

As soon as I became eligible in 2007, I became a Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE). Board Certification occurs through testing by a national organization and is supported by continuing education. A CPE has exceeded their original training.  I am one of a few CPE's on Long Island.


I am the current President of the New York Electrolysis Association.  I am also a member of the American Electrology Association.






Prior to starting my practice on Long Island I worked for several years in a reputable office on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

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